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Troy, Tennessee  38260
Sunday Bible Classes      9:30am
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Wed. "OnTrack"            3:00pm 
Wed. Bible Study            6:30pm

Secret Sisters

Secret Sisters is a fellowship group of ladies at the Troy Church of Christ.
Once a year names are drawn for a secret assignment of a Christian sister friend.
Using an information sheet provided by all particpants, the goal is to find ways to
encourage and honor that special person but keeping your idenity a secret.
Assignments usually last approximately six months.  During that time participants are
encouraged to use notes of encouragement, and small suprise gifts either handmade
or purchase to honor and encourage their special secret sister.

The purpose of the program is to build self esteem as a valued Christian sister.
It is not the value of the gift but the thought behind the gift.  The program usually
terminates late spring by celebrating with a fun "revealing" party.  Due to busy summer
schedules, we take the summer off and resume with a new assignment in the fall.
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