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1215 North US Highway 51
Troy, Tennessee  38260
Sunday Bible Classes      9:30am
Sunday AM Worship    10:30am
Sunday PM Worship      5:00pm
Wed. "OnTrack"            3:00pm 
Wed. Bible Study            6:30pm

What to expect when you visit us at the Troy Church of Christ in Troy, TN. 
We are all a bit hesitant when we visit unfamiliar places—especially a worship assembly. We want you to feel comfortable as our guest at all of our assemblies. Here is what you can expect when you visit our 10:30 a.m. service on any given Sunday. 

As our honored guest you will be greeted warmly as you enter our building and given a bulletin with an order of service and numerous announcements. While the announcements may not be of direct interest to you, they will help you gain a sense of activities we are engaged in throughout the week.
We promise we will not embarrass or intrude on you in any way. You can be assured you will be treated with courtesy and kindness. We are a friendly group of ordinary people, so many of us will want to welcome you personally.  

Children are always welcome in our assemblies. However, if you have small children, you may want to take advantage of our staffed nursery. They will be lovingly cared for and you will be free to concentrate on our worship together. We also have a children’s worship for ages four through ten so that our children can be taught biblical lessons and learn how to worship on their level.  

Our worship period is designed to be a time of praise and devotion to God. You may feel free to join our congregational singing if you wish. You will be able to express your devotion to God and study what is taught.  

At every Sunday morning assembly, we will express our thanksgiving to God and ask for His blessings. One of our shepherds, also known as elders, will lead the congregation in prayer. 

At every Sunday assembly we will pause to observe communion. The Lord's Supper (communion) is a period of time where we share unleavened bread and grape juice as Jesus instructed his disciples to do in Matthew 26:26-28 as a way of remembering his sacrifice.  We do not wish to prevent anyone from sharing in this memorial. You may share in this communion with us if you so desire. 

In our Sunday assembly, our members will give as they have been prospered to meet the needs of the church in teaching, mission work and benevolence. As our guest you will neither be asked nor expected to participate.  

You will also experience a time of preaching/teaching. We strive to be both biblically accurate and relevant in our preaching. You can expect the sermon to be approximately twenty-five minutes in length. 

You may be wondering about a dress code. In short, we don’t have one. We don’t have any expectations about what one wears. You will find most people choose casual attire.
Feel free to ask questions about what you see or hear. You may request a free audio recording of the sermon. We are also happy to arrange personal Bible studies at your convenience.  
We hope you will choose to be our guest as you have the opportunity. We would love to make you feel welcome and feel closer to God.
© Troy Church of Christ 2017
© Troy Church of Christ 2017